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時間: Sun Jul  8 17:35:18 2007


The max of the F-net output is 50 MB

Every file of 2 hours is about 0.1 MB

And there are 6 components, so the size of one events is 0.6 MB

which is 864000 bites.

50 MB is 52428800 bites, and it is divided by 864000

which will get about 60. 60 events.

and the 10 mins compressional file size is 23754 bites, and 2 hours is

285048 bites, so we can down load about 180 components at one time.

and there are 83 stations.

Yu shuan he downloads data 120 components at one time,

which are 20 events' components of 2 sites.

Another problem is that there are some data disappear.

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