作者: paulchao (pi) 看板: nota
標題: weather
時間: Tue Jul 24 21:45:06 2007

I watch the  weather report on the Web site.

The temprature in India is almost the same in Taipei, about 27'C~34'C.

That's good.

My brother will go to the Medical Apartment in Chen-Gong

University. So he won't come here (NTUEE, or etc.). I think it is no bad that

he go to Tainan, to have different church life (but in One body) and campus


I think I should tell you about this.

Keep in fellowship.

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paulchao:大意是,正誠要去讀成大醫科                          推 07/31 15:12
will1118:嗯, 成大很好                                        推 07/31 16:30
asuradagama:cool! You type in English.                       推 08/01 00:02
paulchao:我本來是要讓逸威在印度能看得到,才打英文的          推 08/04 19:54
jeffkhy:真是貼心 不過時間暴露了我跟家銘...                   推 08/05 00:00
will1118:還好啦 這表示你們有24小時的網路                     推 08/05 19:10
paulchao:原來asuradagama是家銘,jeffkhy是浩宇嗎?            推 08/05 19:21
paulchao:我都不知道你們也有在看逸威的版                      推 08/05 19:22
will1118:對                                                  推 08/05 22:28