in OpenSuse 11.4

When I compiled with ifort, it appeared the massage:

/opt/intel/Compiler/11.1/069/bin/intel64/fortcom: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
ifort: error #10273: Fatal error in /opt/intel/Compiler/11.1/069/bin/intel64/fortcom, terminated by 0x7f

those libs such as are in /usr/lib, but is lake of

Where is it?

Also, as said before, it’s in the “compat-libstdc++-33″ package

spooon in FC4 doesn’t have but


sudo yast

get into Software Management

search libstdc++, choosing libstdc++33-devel and it’s dependancy ( for the picture below is taken in revisit, it appears “i". If you haven’t installed them, press Enter, it will appear “+")

and “Accept" it, yast will install for you.

After install, will appear in /usr/lib, and you should source again:



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