Update High and Full Coastline in GMT 4.5.2 on Ubuntu 10.10

If you install GMT on Ubuntu, I trust you will use “Synaptic Package Manager”.
There are many gmt packages that you can choose, but there is only “gmt-coast-low” package
without “gmt-coast-high” and “gmt-coast-full” package. It is disappointing.
However, you can install them with this package too! (manually) XD

It is say in its “Property Description” that High and Full Coastline is too big to be
contained in regular package so that you have to install them with the script contained:

This package contains the crude, low and intermediate resolution coastlines
contained in the GMT distribution which will be enough to get you started.
Originally there were two more coastline packages (gmt-coast-high and -full)
but they were to big for our servers and pulled from the distribution.

Read /usr/share/doc/gmt-coast-low/README.Debian to learn how to get coastline
data on the net. Otherwise you will not be able to create high quality
maps with gmt.

It mentions that there are a script can help us to gain another two packages, and
it is


you can see it in “Property -> Installed File”.
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