More and More Each Day

More and More Each Day

1. Lord, I love You more and more each day.
  Lord, I love You more this very day.
  I can't live without You anymore.
  I can't make it like I did before.
    Lord, I do love You more every day.
    Lord, I do love You much more this very day.

2. Oh, those years when I was void of You.
  Lord, You rescued me when I was through.
  When I reminisce those other years,
  Emptiness, heartaches, and many tears.

3. Oh, that thirst that gnawed me deep within:
  Drove me seeking satisfaction.
  Oh, the many things that I have tried,
  Left me thirsting and dissatisfied.

4. In this endless search for something new,
  All the time this cry was just for You.
  I was blind in trying many things
  'til I drank You as my living Spring.

5. Lord, You came and filled my inmost being.
  You're the sweetest satisfaction.
  You're the Spirit as my everything,
  Spirit in my spirit bubbling.

6. Thank You, Lord, for coming into me.
  Now You're spreading in me constantly.
  Lord, You're making home in all my heart,
  As my treasure filling every part.


唱詩人 中譯

一 主,我愛你逐日益深摯,  主,我愛你今日勝昨日。
  我不能再活無你之處,   我不能重步往日行徑。

二 喔,在往昔無你歲月中,  當我失喪,你來施拯救。
  我每憶過往期於年日,   虛空、心痛並潸然淚流。

副 主,我真愛你,      日益深摯。
  主,我真愛你,      歷久彌新無止。

三 喔,乾渴吞是我心深處,  驅使我尋求以得滿足。
  喔,我曾嘗試許多事物,  卻仍乾渴且不得滿足。

四 主,你充滿我全人深處,  豐美甘甜,最令人滿足。
  你是那靈,作我的一切,  你靈於我靈洋溢不住。 (接副歌)

五 追尋新事物總無止盡,   惟你,才是我終日渴求,
  我前盲目且汲汲營營,   直至飲你作我活水源頭。

六 何感謝!主,你進入我靈, 今在我裡你不斷擴展。
  何寶貝!主安家我心房,  將我裡面各部份充滿。 (接副歌)


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